Sunday, August 26, 2012

Well hello there...

Already I'm terrible at this blogging thing... I have managed to lose the original 1st post I worked on for close to an hour, so the following is what we're all stuck with since I lack the gumption to try to remember what I wanted to say the first time.

I started this blog as a place to document the capers I manage to get myself into on a daily basis. I'm quite fond of the "about me" I wrote over on Facebook, so I think I'll share it with you here to give you a chance to find out what you're getting yourself into if you'd like to subscribe. So, here it is...

"I'm a daughter of the King, who doesn't always act like a princess should. I have been blessed with a kind and generous husband, four precious children, and so much more that I don't deserve. We trek all over the country when Uncle Sam calls, and I'm steadily learning how to make a home wherever we roam. I love to score a deal at the grocery store and make healthy food for my family. I like to read and sew, and I was just recently blessed with a real backyard where I can exercise my green thumb! Those are my passions, however I'm most sincerely a real life mom who can never keep up with the laundry and who isn't particularly partial to housekeeping. Let's face it, with four kids, my home will never be in a magazine. I'll probably never get it "right" according to the world's standards, but hopefully one day I'll be able to check off a few more characteristics of a Proverbs 31 woman. Striving to be like her is alright with me."

I'm crazy about my Jesus, family, military life, hobbies, and healthy habits, so that's where I expect this blog to go. I'm pretty good at deviating from the plan, though i like to call it thinking outside the box, so hang in there if I get side tracked, okay?

Most of all, I really hope you will find a daily dose of encouragement when you read about my adventures. So, without further ado, here we go...


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