Thursday, April 25, 2013

Green Acres

Well, the view has changed tremendously since my last posting. Let's start with the view around my dining room table. My better half returned home from a (loooooong) 9 month deployment in February. Hooray! We've been spending time as a family getting reacquainted and falling back into a normal rhythm. Block leave was amazing even if we didn't go anywhere. It was great just having him home every day. Every time he leaves for a deployment, I tell him that I can't wait to trip over his boots again. I was able to spend 20 precious days tripping over them again (he leaves them all over the house!!) and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

The view in my living room has changed as well. Luke is still waiting to find his matching kidney, but while we wait, we'll start him on peritoneal dialysis. We've been going to trainings in Seattle to learn how to operate the machine at home and how to care for his catheter. How has this changed my living room? I now have a mountain of boxes of PD supplies to contend with. T3 and Luke have been competing with each other to see who can climb the highest before Mom notices... Still, we are nervous and excited that he'll be starting at home dialysis soon. Hopefully, we can get this little guy to grow a little quicker!

The view in my kitchen has changed right along with everything else. As the weather warms, tiny seedlings have sprouted in my window sills. We are anticipating the arrival of long sunny days and have started our garden. Last year, I tilled the ground on fort Lewis in a rented patch of the community garden. This year, I've got about 1/3 of an acre around my home that is all mine to cultivate. We've started a compost system of sorts, and as it progresses, I'll keep you updated. Here's a list of all the yummies I plan to grow this year:

Swiss Chard (Because it did so well last year!)
Egg Plant
Jalapeno Peppers
Bell Peppers
Yellow squash
Green beans

Whew! What a harvest it will be. It will be a lot of hard work, but in the end, knowing where our food came from will be all the reward I need.

So now you've gotten a glimpse at my green acres. Let's hear about yours! I'm hoping to make this a weekly feature on the blog now that the Vitamin D has lifted my spirits a little. Here's to sunny days, sweet tea, all the little things, and a glorious spring...

Catch you later!

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